Echo Handheld Power Equipment


We’re Authorized Dealers for Green Works Commercial and Echo Handheld Products

Immaculate lawn maintenance requires some of the best lawn care tools in the industry. Fortunately, we have a wide variety of handheld lawn care equipment that can be used for different lawn maintenance purposes.


From powerful chainsaws to grass trimmers, we have them all! As authorized dealers for Green Works Commercial and Echo’s handheld products, Seymour Sales & Service LLC can help you find the lawn care equipment that best fits your needs.


Green Works also provide equipment lines in hand tools, ZTR Mowers, push/self-propelled mowers, tillers, and snowblowers.  Visit our showroom or call for more information on the 24/48V and 82V line of Green Works Commercial Products.  Commercial is only the description of the line, these products are also used in the Residential setting.

Echo handheld product


A Wide Variety of Echo Handheld Tools


Grass trimmers

Hedge trimmers

Leaf blowers

Paddle wheels

You can depend on us to help you get the equipment you need. Visit us for Echo handheld lawn care equipment today!